Welcome to Interim Pastor University

Thanks for joining us at Interim Pastor University. We’re glad to have you here.

Over the next several months, you will have the opportunity to learn from Dr. Thom Rainer and Dr. Sam Rainer. They will provide step by step instruction on how you can be the most effective interim pastor possible.

There are eight courses at IP.U that encompass the training of a certified interim pastor. Each course will have a checklist of items that you must complete before moving to the next course. Your coursework will be checked off by your cohort leader and a report will be generated for your meeting with the cohort leader at the end of session eight.

Also, a subscription to Church Answers is required for IP.U. Many of your assignments will involve interacting at Church Answers Central. Also, to maintain your certification, you must remain an active member of Church Answers. For more information about Church Answers or to join now, visit ChurchAnswers.com/Subscribe.

Next, please calendar your sessions and your assignment time. What gets calendared gets done. So take a few minutes and schedule out your eight courses in a timeframe that will allow you to continue through the certification at a good pace. Each course will take roughly three hours to complete. There are two 20-25 minute video segments in each course and approximately two hours needed for the completion of each assignment. It is recommended that you break this up into a total of six, 30-minute blocks of time. Two blocks for the videos, four blocks for the assignments. If you choose to complete one block each week, it will take roughly one year to gain certification. If you wish to accelerate that pace, we recommend completing no more than one course per week as the assignments often involve interaction at Church Answers on specific subjects.

Finally, thank you again for joining Interim Pastor University. When you’re ready, complete the checklist below to advance to Course 1.