Vital Signs




We visit doctors for our routine health checkups. Regardless of how we “feel,” we know it is important. Doctors assess a variety of areas, knowing that different parts of our bodies may be at different levels of health. A number of measurements and pre-established benchmarks are used to determine the health of each area. These results help to develop a plan to improve the areas where our bodies are the weakest.

The body of Christ can benefit from an occasional checkup as well. Maybe its leaders could plan better with a fuller understanding of the health of their churches. Is it possible that a set of measurements could help you lead more effectively?

Vital Signs was written to help you step back from the whirlwind and see your church with greater perspective. It is packed with benchmarks from the analysis of more than fifty churches nationwide. This is the same information that The Unstuck Group uses with each of its clients to determine their health. Use this resource to determine the health of your church and begin focusing your energy on the areas that need it the most.